Friday, 27 July 2012

City Tattersalls Club - big salaries for no results (Part 2)

Money is being wasted left, right and centre at City Tatts.

Nowhere is there greater waste than in the inflated salaries and bonuses given to a few favoured employees despite a track record of total failure. Here is another example of where members' money is being wasted on salaries.

Tania Purdey
If you're in City Tatts on a regular basis you will know that staff morale is plummeting. The main cause of this is resentment at the insane salaries given to a few senior employees regardless of results, while the majority of staff are on award wages. The main focus of this resentment at the moment is Tania Purdey.

Tania Purdey is paid $150,000 a year !
That's right, we have been told by a number of sources that she is now being paid $150,000 a year.

Why is Tania Purdey paid $150,000 a year?
Naturally, we were curious to learn why a fairly new employee with no particular role would be paid $150,000, especially when the Club is cutting back in so many areas. Well, we asked around and these were the replies we got:
  • "She works closely with Tony Guilfoyle"
  • "Tony Guilfoyle takes a keen interest interest in her performance"
  • "She has a special relationship with Tony Guilfoyle"
  • "She performs certain duties better than Jan Elks"
Here at Save City Tatts we are simple people and we are not sure what to make of these answers. Maybe our readers will understand. We don't care too much about any of the above. We just don't see why the members of City Tattersalls Club should pay for it.

Hamilton Island
Speaking of things we don't understand, there was a trip to Hamilton Island in 2011 by four employees of City Tatts. At the Club's AGM in May members asked the Chairman about it and managed to get some information on it. Like so much about the Club these days the more you find out the stranger it seems:
  1. This trip was paid for by a radio station, MIX 106.5. We are not sure why a radio station would be so generous but then they have received at least $3 million from City Tatts since Tony Guilfoyle became CEO so some token of gratitude would probably be in order.
  2. The four employees were Tony Guilfoyle, Tania Purdey, Mark Cooper and The Hyphenator (Lisa-Faye Tudhope-Wickham).
  3. While at Hamilton Island it seems that Guilfoyle then travelled backwards and forwards between Fiji (where his family was), Sydney and Hamilton Island. No, we don't understand this either.
Will Tania Purdey send the Club broke?
We are starting to worry that Tania Purdey might send the Club broke. And we don't just mean her inflated salary. We mean her cleaning bill.

A recent strange incident highlighted the precarious position of the Club. It seems that a dry-cleaner refused to release uniforms cleaned for City Tatts because they had not being paid for months. This seemed unlikely to City Tatts staff so they asked for copies of the unpaid bills in order to follow it up with the City Tatts accounts department. But when the bills arrived they were found to include dresses which did not come from City Tatts. Apparently the dresses were for Tania Purdey !

Save City Tatts Committee


  1. ARE YOU SERIOUS? Clearly whoever is writing this “Blog” have nothing better to do with their time. Maybe you should try and get your facts straight before you start trying to bring Tania down!! Like maybe…. I don’t know???? How to spell her name???? OR the fact that she DOES NOT earn anywhere near $150k a year!!! Have you ever thought that she is just GOOD AT HER JOB!!!!! MAYBE that’s why she’s being promoted?? Because she actually works REALLY hard…..and she is bloody GOOD AT HER JOB!!!! Mate who ever you are it’s really, really, really clear that your just JELOUS!!!! How about instead of bitching about Tania, you start working hard at your position??? Who knows….maybe you might get promoted??? But with an attitude like yours…..I’m not surprised your sitting at home (or maybe at work…another reason to be held back) writing this RUBBISH instead of moving forward in your career! Grow up! If you feel that horrible about yourself, do something about it (like WORK)!!! Stop giving your colleagues a hard time, trying to hurt people who have actually worked really, really hard to get where they are!!!!
    Tania I really hope your not reading this rubbish! Good luck in your career and keep up the good work!!

  2. p.s
    Maybe the “staff morale” is plummeting because of people LIKE YOU!!! It is very clear in ALL work places, your pay depends on your position! I don’t expect to be paid the same amount as my manager!!! If your doing a good job, then great…. Maybe a raise. It’s clear this is YOUR main focus of resentment……Stop speaking for all members of the City Tattersalls Club when this is just your personal opinion. And again…..the FACTS….work on that! I really hope your not planning on being a journalist or anything??? If so….SAVE YOUR TIPS!!! Because I reckon you’d be sued after your first article!

  3. Get your facts right.... I work with Tania and I can certainly tell you that you are definitely barking up the wrong tree.. this girl has worked till late on many evenings and has worked when people didnt show up,so she has given up her evenings and has cleared tables at functions cause of inconsiderate people not doing their job. she has come in on most of her weekends and has worked all day to do other peoples work when they were also too slack to come to work and sometimes she has had to do the work of 2 people cause someone has left (facts).. do you put that much time and effort into your job... i know for a fact she doesnt earn that much money (facts) and I have also seen that a lot of people who work at CT have not made it easy for her to do her job.(facts).. but she is obviously doing good so are you jealous or just filled with hatred towards people who dont fit into your very narrow perspective.... also writing such a letter in the way you have written shows that you are too gutless to stand up and confront the issues at hand and would rather go around like a 14 year old school girl whispering and gossiping in the shadows.. give the girl a break, she works hard and doesnt need to sleep around to get to where she is.(facts).. maybe thats what you would do.. If the moral is low at work it isn't because of one person (facts)..Also maybe people can be a bit more supportive of her and work as a T E AM Remember there is no I in Team... so dont waist time slandering people who dont deserve it.. grow up, get the facts and if you have a problem step up and work it out and stop lurking in the shadows gossiping ..

  4. Agreed!!!! Just a few quick questions??? It is very clear that your "blog" written about Tania is extremely flawed (Can't seem to get ANY facts straight) what other facts have you gotten completely and utterly WRONG about other issues throughout your other "blog" entries?????? You have NO CREDIBILITY!!!!! I'm trying to work out if your a retired old man with nothing better to do.....or as written above...a 14 year old girl? Who waists there time putting in this much effort to bitch about a company? After all city tatts is foremost a BUSINESS!!!! Which means money has to be made. A club yes, and I am very proud to be a gold member of city tatts. You write about city tatts as if someone is trying to demolish your home! I happen to have attended numerous events hosted by Tania and have had a wonderful time. I have spent good money in the venues situated throughout city tatts. What do you do to actually help city tatts???? Do you think bitching about the business will actually help??? I don't know who your "sources" are? But maybe you should re-think your "blog".
    Another shoot down on one of your "FACTS".

    'While at Hamilton Island it seems that Guilfoyle then travelled backwards and forwards between Fiji (where his family was), Sydney and Hamilton Island. No, we don't understand this either.'

    How is it possible for someone to repeatedly travel between Fiji, Sydney and Hamilton Island on a FOUR day working trip???? FOUR DAYS???? how is that humanly possible for someone to commute quote 'backwards and forwards' on (i say it again) a FOUR DAY working trip! you know what??? maybe...he owns a rocket??? OR a space ship??? you know what??? maybe he even bought it with the clubs money??? OH GOD.......WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??? Tony Guilfoyle is buying space ships with the businesses money!!!!!
    AHHHHH your funny! that's really the only way I can take your "blog". Humorous nonsense!
    I choose to support City Tattersals and the staff. Good job guys!!! You work hard, while losers write garbage about you. Have a laugh....I do!