Monday, 10 September 2012

Spare a thought for Mark Cooper!

City Tatts CEO Tony Guilfoyle has two "alibi's-on-call" - Jan Elks and Mark Cooper.

Although Cooper's alibi duties might seem attractive, destinations like Hamilton Island and the Snowy Mountains, the reality is different.

When Cooper attends these Guilfoyle/Purdy getaways he is still required to bring along his computer and put in a 8 hour day. He is put under pressure by Guilfoyle to cover for him both recreationally and professionally. Cooper comes back from these trips needing a holiday himself!

Jan Elk's alibi duties, more often than not, only cover for Guilfoyle up until 9pm, although there have been some midnighters.

While Cooper is referred to by some staff as Guilfoyle's "pet dog", because of the ongoing bullying, it should be noted that even pets can turn on their masters under certain circumstances.

Every dog has his day, Mr Guilfoyle!

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