Sunday, 26 August 2012

Mark Cooper, would you please explain !

Mr Mark Cooper, would you please explain the outrageous salary you take home for delivering nothing.

You are the CityTatts financial controller and you salary is in excess of $200,000, Over the past 10 years the Club has lost money, lots of money, so where have you been controlling the finances?

The members of City Tatts have come to the conclusion that while you masquerade as a financial controller the facts are that you are just a simple bookkeeper. Now there is nothing wrong with being a bookkeeper except as a bookkeeper you would not expect to earn a salary above $60,000.

If you are a financial controller you have failed miserably.

If you are a bookkeeper you are massively overpaid.

So which is it Mr Cooper, are you a failed financial controller or an overpaid bookkeeper?

Remember you are being paid out of members funds so we would like to know.

The gall you have displayed in taking a huge salary for failure as financial controller makes the members ask - is your performance indicative of Mr Cooper or Mr Bean?

The members think Mr Bean is far more appropriate until you can justify your huge salary for delivering absolutely nothing.

Miss Management

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