Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The NEWS at City Tatts

Members of City Tatts who take the offer of reading newspapers supplied by the Club noticed that the free newspaper service was somewhat diminished by usual standards the week before last.

On Saturday 11 August, no weekend Sydney Morning Heralds could be found in the Club !

Did the newspaper stop delivering papers to the Club just like the dry cleaner stopped delivering laundered uniforms to the Club because of unpaid outstanding accounts or did Tony Guilfoyle just decide to hold back on the Heralds on that day?

The members didn't think too much about it until Monday 13 August when it was discovered that page 2 of the Sydney Morning Herald was missing.

Why would the Saturday 11 August weekend Herald not be available for members to read in the Club?

Why would page 2 of the Sydney Morning Herald on August 13 not be available for members to read in the Club?

What makes this even more intriguing is that no such thing happened on Saturday 18 August and Monday 20 August.

Miss Management

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