Thursday, 25 October 2012

All in the timing

Guilfoyle and Campion are running out of time in their pursuit to sell off City Tattersalls Club

They are currently under investigation so they have to fasttrack the process. Their latest destruction strategy is to hold out on paying even the smallest creditors and not replace employees who continue to form a long line to leave the Club. They hope this will speed up the decline to justify that the sell-off is the only option for members.

These two destroyers will put a plan to members under the guise of "saving the club". Campion continues to aid and abet Guilfoyle's "questionable" irregularities by repeatedly covering them up and the $64m question is "will the expanded investigations into the Club, the Committee, Guilfoyle, Kennedy and Campion be finalised before they can put the sell-off to members?

"The biggest single threat to the survival of our Club is the activities of ... Campion and Guilfoyle" - Pat Campion's message to members (slightly modified by the Save City Tatts Committee to reflect the truth)

Save City Tatts Committee

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