Thursday, 25 October 2012

Gravestone for City Tattersalls Club

In life, things generally move in the opposite direction once they reach their extreme, or to explain in another way, in everything there is a beginning, or the time of minimum existence and just before the end, the time of maximum existence. What comes after, we all know, death of a relationship, friendship, business, or of a million other processes, actions and events. If we understand this we might be able to prepare for the end so it is as smooth as possible, and if we are smart it may lead to a new beginning. It seems to me that the CEO and the inner circle of the committee believe in: ‘Luck is when opportunity meets preparation” They have had their “maximum existence” and are now moving to the death phase of the club as we know it. After death there must also be a rebirth or a new beginning.

 Let us all imagine a likely scenario: members are finally told that due to the world recession, the inability of Chinese gamblers to get their visas, change of weather patterns or due to the large number of boat people (you can insert here any excuse you might think of…just to make it more interesting), the club is forced to close its doors, unless a saviour is found who is willing to bankroll a project that guarantees the club’s existence.

In my opinion, and as corporate intellectuals would say, we have finally turned the corner, so members should start working on a plaque that might be placed, possibly on a side entrance of a five star hotel owned by the above mentioned saviour (or his company) and maybe managed by our current fearless leader and the “all the way to court loyal committee team” (or their company). In a way, a gravestone might be more appropriate, but will certainly not be allowed by the new leaders and their PR team or directors.

Let’s all think about this, it could say something like:                      
Here lies over one hundred of years of history, dedication and loyalty of a large body of CTC members, who gave of themselves that a five star hotel might be created and its owners and managers be made wealthy and prosperous.

Of course, some future researcher might find this not quite accurate, he/she may conclude that members were never told the truth, but by that time all will be forgotten, the main players may even be in another country, enjoying the success of their forward planning. The researcher might even come up with a theory that the operation of taking the club away from members was the work of an organized crime fraternity. Crime like this is big business and big business requires elite financiers and professionals. The entrance of elite corporate players, started years ago, and as the directors, advisors, consultants and lawyers of high business calibre, came in, the demarcation line between “legitimate” and “illegitimate” actions blurred. The true plans were protected by hard to understand legal definitions and by an army of advisors and lawyers all working together for a common goal, as the architect of a large offshore mutual fund would say: “Money has a strange kind of purity”.

The goal is soon to be clearly seen, and with it, all the “errors” in management will be shown as just small stepping stones to a Grand New Hotel in Pitt Street.

Club Corruption Vigilante

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