Thursday, 25 October 2012

Well, who did burn the toast at City Tatts?

Many funny things have happened at City Tatts during Guilfoyle's time in the big chair so what follows will not surprise.

Recently a high-paid City Tattersalls "executive" attended Zest Restaurant for a free breakfast. No, not a breakfast with that genius Keith Free (remember this mental giant annointed Guilfoyle) but a free breakfast - the kind where someone else is paying for it.

The breakfast consisted of items which included at least two pieces of toast. When the toast was brought from the kitchen the "exec" turned their nose up at what was served and declared "it's burnt". Staff on duty tried to appease the "exec" by offering more toast to which the "exec" simply said "I am busy, you can't even serve toast properly. I don't have time to wait for toast that isn't burnt, I have a meeting to attend". As the exec left to attend their meeting they actually took their toast with them. The entire episode was witnessed by a member who thought the show was quite comical, to say the least.

Now was the the toast burnt or not? Obviously not, or at least not too much, because our "exec" didn't mind taking it in the end. Considering the toast was eventually taken by the exec why did they create such a scene about it in the first place? The answer to this is simple. They do such acts because they can, a trait which is plentiful when given the Guilfoyle green light !

Now when Trevelyan Bale was employed in the kitchen on a salary of $250,000 we didn't hear of any cases of executive burnt toast. Does this mean Trevelyan must return to take charge of executive toast production?

Who was the "executive" involved in Toastgate? Tania Purdy, of course - after all who else would complain about burnt toast? Who else at City Tattersalls except for Guilfoyle would think themselves so important to make such a noise about bread not cooked to their liking?

What is most surprising is that Tania was only having toast for breakfast. You could be excused for thinking that she would have more to eat to build strength and energy levels considering she has more than a "hectic workload" to manage most afternoons and some evenings.

Miss Management

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