Thursday, 25 October 2012

Round Table Re(Treat) at Boonoona Ski Lodge !

It became obvious this week who wears the pants in the Guilfoyle/Campion relationship. After being directed by Campion to cancel the Melbourne jaunt because it was highlighted in the Herald article, Guilfoyle blatantly defied Campion and went on his own Round Table Retreat to Boonoona Ski Lodge for the past week (at the Club's expense) so that he wasn't deprived of the valuable time he had earmarked to spend with Tania Purdy.

To give this junket credibility Guilfoyle dragged along the Marketing Manager and the Financial Controller. By the way, the total salaries of these for absent employees is over $1 million per annum. (It should be remembered that Guilfoyle took Mark Cooper and The Hyphenator to Hamilton Island last year as his alibi for his holiday with Tania.)

How Campion tolerates this contempt is a mystery (one of many in City Tatts!) and again raises a number of questions. Over the last few weeks Campion has steadfastly defended Guilfoyle in a number of areas and this is how he is rewarded.

By failing to stand up to Guilfoyle, Campion is proving to be not only a disgrace to the Club but an embarassment to the memory of his late father John who was held in the highest regard by the Club and it's members.

For those (valued?) staff members who are not up to speed with staff terminology, T1/T2, Ken and Barbie, Bill and Monica and TG/TP are one and the same (or should that be two and the same?)

Save City Tatts Committee

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