Thursday, 25 October 2012

Fruitjuice at City Tattersalls Club !

Many of you would be aware that there is a discussion on the internet about the recent Life Membership of City Tatts given to Martyn "Fruitjuice" Berry. Apparently some people have woken up to the fact that Fruitjuice has done absolutely nothing since he has been on the Committee.

While this may have come as a surprise to some, here at Save City Tatts it is old news. In fact, we knew what to expect from Fruitjuice even before he was elected to the Committee. A very shrewd observer of City Tatts in the Dance Club warned us about Fruitjuice as soon as he announced that he was going to run for election. This Dance Club member was certain that Fruitjuice was just a pompous old fool who had been asked to run by the existing Committee precisely because he would not raise any difficult issues, would not tackle management and would not "rock the boat" in any way. This assessment, made back in early 2009, has been proved to be exactly right. Fruitjuice has turned a blind eye to every financial disaster in the Club.

There were a few clues that members should be wary of him. In his "100 Words" election pitch from 2009 he said "I have had an association with City Tatts for over 35 years". What does that mean ? Did he walk past the front door every day ?  The truth is that he had only been a full member of City Tatts for one year when he wrote that !

In fact, it's hard not to laugh when you read his "100 Words" election pitch from 2009. Back then he talked about his career in financial services with Westpac Financial Services and MLC Client Services. Well, for all the financial acumen he has demonstrated on the Committee of City Tatts, he might as well have had a career of emptying garbage bins.

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