Thursday, 25 October 2012

Panic at City Tattersalls Club !!!

Something shocking happened at City Tatts last night.

Tony Guilfoyle and Jan Ellks worked late !

Yes, we know that sounds hard to believe but it really happened. It's a shock because nobody can recall this ever happening before. (By the way, Tony Guilfoyle is paid $540,000 and Jan Ellks gets $135,000.)

Why did Tony Guilfoyle and Jan Ellks work late?
If you thought that they worked late to do something special for members, like bringing back entertainment or offering restaurants that members actually want, then you are sadly out of touch with the way City Tatts is run now.

The reason for the late shift is that the media have started to take a close look at City Tatts and Guilfoyle is starting to panic.

Guilfoyle doesn't realise that he has shown his true colours
Just stop for a second and think about what is happening here. At the moment City Tatts faces mounting problems, every one the result of sustained mismanagement. This is just a small sample:
  • Restaurants losing over $300,000 each every year
  • A disastrous purchase of 194 Pitt Street that costs the Club over $700,000 every year in interest alone - while the building is mostly empty.
  • Suppliers refusing to deal with the Club because of unpaid bills
  • Astonishing waste of members' funds on radio advertising, legal expenses, holidays for the Committee and failed building projects
  • Falling membership
  • Staff morale at an all time low
Despite the above problems (and many others) Guilfoyle never once felt any need to be in the Club on a Monday night, or any other night. But tell him that his mismanagement is going to be exposed in the media and he drops everything and comes to the Club !

Save City Tatts Committee

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